Uno****Adoption Pending****


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Shar-pei type
Bruscoat, Male, Pennsylvania
Uno is one of 15 Shar-pei that recently came into NASPR's care after living alone on a piece of land in horrible living conditions. The dogs were in desperate need of veterinary care for severe flea and tick infestation, wounds and infection. Several were wandering blind on the property in desperate need of entropion surgery. Several also tested positive for heart worms.

Uno is very nervous but such a sweet boy. Its clear that he wants to trust and really but he will need a little time to open up to someone new. He is quiet and observant. He likes familiarity and takes the same paths repetitively. This boy needs to be comforted and given time. I know that once he has a stable loving home, he will be the most loyal of companions.

Uno is currently in boarding and donations are needed for his care.

We would love to find a foster or better yet forever home for Uno soon. Please consider giving him the home he has always deserved.