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Shar-pei type
Horsecoat, Male, Texas
3 Years
Good With Kids
Good with Dogs
Meet Archie, a wonderful @ 3 year old male horsecoat. He is a super sweet, calm and mild-mannered young man who just wants to be someone’s main companion. He likes to go everywhere with his people and would prefer to not be left home alone too much – in fact, at the boarding place where he lives, he is spoiled rotten and gets to go bye-bye with his daycare mommy almost every day. She takes him to the bank, the store, etc. and not only is he a very good rider, but he almost never orders his own burgers at the drive thru! Archie is crate trained but he is a very sensitive man and he much prefers to be loose and have the run of the place. He gets depressed if left alone too much and would not do well crated and alone all day. He does like other dogs and would do well with the company of others, but, in the end, he is a true people-person and when he bonds, he bonds hard.