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Shar-pei type
Brushcoat, Female, Illinois
Good with Dogs
Helen is one of 15 Shar-pei that recently came into NASPR's care after living alone on a piece of land in horrible living conditions. The dogs were in desperate need of veterinary care for severe flea and tick infestation, wounds and infection. Several were wandering blind on the property in desperate need of entropion surgery. Several also tested positive for heartworms.

Helen was blinded from untreated entropion but thanks to her recent surgery she is able to see and her eyesight is continuing to improve.

Helen is very reserved. When we visit her in boarding, she is fine with us being in the play area with her and her friends Stevie and Wonder, but she lets the other two check us out while she remains at a distance.After just a short time with her, she becomes more trusting and even enjoys us sitting beside her. We believe she is dependent on Stevie and Wonder and uses them as a buffer until she trusts. I think in no time with a little love and patience, she will be a wonderful pet.

Helen is currently in boarding. Please consider making a donation to help with her care.

We would love to find a foster or better yet forever home for Helen soon. Please consider giving her the home she has always deserved.