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NASPR Cookbook $21.00
NASPR Cookbook

NASPR has been cooking up ways to insure we can continue to aide and protect the less fortunate Shar-Pei that find themselves in our rescue program.  Our NASPR Southwest Region volunteers have compiled and had published a fabulous 171 page spiral bound NASPR Cookbook stocked full of favorite recipes for your two and four legged friends and family.   This cookbook has a little bit of everything for everyone.  Not only is it full of wonderful recipes, you will also find heartwarming stories, beautiful photographs and loving tributes.  

The NASPR Cookbooks are something everyone will treasure so be sure to pick up a few as gifts for friends and family.  Not only will you be giving someone the perfect gift but the proceeds from your purchase will be giving a Shar-Pei the gift of life!

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McCartney Shar-Pei Travel Mug $16.00
McCartney Shar-Pei Travel Mug

Show your love for the breed by taking this plastic travel mug along with you everywhere you go.  Great for hot coffe or cold drinks.  Designed by International dog cartoonist Mike McCartney and donated to NASPR.  

Prince includes shipping cost.

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NASPR Car Magnets $5.75
NASPR Car Magnets

Show your support with our NASPR car magnets.  Order yours today.  Shipping included.

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