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Shar-pei type
Brushcoat, Female, Texas
Good With Kids
Good with Cats
Sometimes when I am awake during the night at the Pei Hilton shelter, I can hear in my fantasy sounds of children playing, humans calling my name….IRIS!!! IRIS!!!! Come on girl, it is time for bedtime. I haven’t heard that in many, many years. In fact I don’t even remember when I have had my own human call to me in my own home. Sigh!!! Rather than tell you, however, what I wish from my humans, let me tell you what I can give to my human should I ever be lucky enough to get my own home. I can give companionship, dedication, unconditional love, a feeling of peace, and so much more. I am just such a good girl and I am a very proud girl. My eyes will worship you. I am an older girl and I’m certain I probably don’t have too many more years but I am very healthy thanks to the volunteers with North American Shar-Pei Rescue who have taken very good care of me. When I get my dinner at the Pei Hilton, I always am certain to give a big kiss to my volunteer for that day before I start to eat so she will know how much I appreciate her. I just so wish I had an opportunity to make a human very happy full time in spite of having been abused in my life before NASPR. But SURPRISE! I get along well with cats. If I have a 4-legged dog buddy I would probably choose a male. I do love human children and love for them to roll all over me. Please, consider adding me to your family. You will benefit greatly from bringing me into your family and then my fantasy will turn into reality and you will have the best dog companion you could ever wish for.