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Shar-pei type
Brushcoat, Male, Texas
@ 2 years
I have been told more than once that I look like a lion; I guess that is why I was named Leo. Thank goodness for having a big strong name because I sure needed the courage in my previous life. Despite my young age (18 mos) I have seen more than my far share of hard knocks, but thanks to the good folks at NASPR, all that is over with. From this point on, my life will be smooth sailing, nothing but blue skies ahead!

I am a beautiful fawn brush coat male looking for a place to call my own. I am not sure if I like other dogs or not. I really don’t see that well and I think those pesky other dogs are playing nasty tricks on me. As soon as I get healthy, I will get my eyes fixed and I’ll let you know if I want to share you with others or keep you all to myself.

One of the volunteers at the shelter where I currently live says when she sees me; it puts a smile on her face, so I do my best to make her laugh. I am trying really hard to learn new tricks so I can keep things exciting and fun. I am currently learning good leash training and will soon be the talk of the town.

If you are looking for the perfect friend and companion, then you have stopped at the right pei. I can’t wait to be your furever dog.

Remember the name it’s LEO! The lion hearted!