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Shar-pei type
Bear Coat, Female, Texas
Good with Dogs
Loving permanent family to replace the one that surrendered me to animal control, leaving me there scared and confused, wondering what happened to my soft bed and my life as a loved family member. I gave them my love and loyalty for the four years of my life. I have perfect house manners. I am very quiet and well behaved. I am small, only 30 (+) lbs. surely I didn’t take too much space. I am healthy, I don’t have heartworms, I am spayed and I have current vaccinations. Were they tired of me and wanted a new dog? I am dog friendly I would have enjoyed the company. Is it possible that I did nothing wrong, could they have been the ones that were wrong? I will never know or be able to tell you the answers to all my questions, but if you will promise to love me forever I will love you back and be loyal to you and I promise, you will be the only family I ever remember or think about.