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Shar-pei type
Brushcoat, Female, Texas
1 and a half years old
Good With Kids
Good with Dogs
I’m just a young girl now at @ 1 ½ years old but I prefer to think my life started the day I came into the caring arms of rescue. My memories before that were only of loneliness, pain and hunger. I tried to make the best of things before rescue. I found a dark place under the deck of a school administration building where I could hide safely yet still hear the sounds of people and children and dream I was part of a family. I would sneak over to the nearby fast food hamburger place and eat from the trash people left behind. Sometimes I would take the bags of leftover food with me into my secret place and keep them until my stomach hurt from hunger so I would always have something to eat. People would see me from time to time and the rescue people would try to find me but no one saw me enter my secret den so they could never figure out where I disappeared. I wanted so badly to come to them but I was afraid. I had terrible pain around my neck and it worsened as I grew. I didn’t know understand why it was becoming increasingly difficult to eat & even breathe but I was getting weak and tired. The kind vet who took care of me in rescue told me that someone had wrapped a wire around my neck when I was about 3 or 4 months old. As I grew bigger, the wire slowly cut into my neck until it cut around my neck and through the muscle until it was resting on my spinal column and wind pipe. One day, at what I know now was a blessing, they saw me enter my safe den and set out a trap with tempting food to lure me in. When it closed on me I was frightened but I soon knew I was going to be ok. I had surgery to carefully remove the wire and now there is only a thin scar that is mostly hidden by my beautiful new collar. I had numerous procedures and treatments for the infected and damaged tissue and muscle. The treatments were sometimes painful but I stood still as statue and was so good because I knew they were trying to help me. I’m now in a foster home with my Shar-Pei brother and I love romping and playing and doing all the things I was never able to do. I love to give kisses too. I hope my forever home comes along soon. My life has just started and I’d like to start it with a family of my own. I often dreamed of having a family as I tried to sleep away the pain and now that rescue has given me a new start in life, I hope the family of my dreams is reading this and comes for me soon.