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NASPR Handler
Shar-pei type
Brushcoat, Female, Kentucky
@ 9 months
Good With Kids
Good with Cats
Good with Dogs
Sugar was turned into a shelter through no fault of her own. She is a
wonderful , happy and pleasant tempered little girl. After the owner's son
moved away from home, she was no longer wanted. How could anyone not want
this little gem? Sugar allows cats to rub against her and lick her face
without so much as moving a eyelash. She has blended into her foster
family's host of rescues immediately. She likes big dogs, short dogs, girl
dogs, boys dogs, bossy and growling dogs, quiet and shy dogs. Sugar just
wants to have company human or animal. She likes to play and butt in the
air pleads with others to play; but if they refuse she takes a toy and goes
off to settle somewhere.

She is an @ 9 month old puppy so curious and energetic. Sugar has been given total run of
her foster home and has after almost a week got into "nothing" ! (Kitchen
included) She has excellent manners in the house. While the foster dogs are
allowed on the couch and chair, Sugar prefers the dog beds and rugs in the
floor. She likes to gather a few toys on her bed and settles down to
entertain herself when left alone.

Sugar would love a special forever family of her very own. Lots of play in
a noisy household full of children with brothers and sisters (cats or dogs)
or an only dog in a retired family home. Sugar just wants a family of her
very own. She enjoys the fenced yard, but wants to be where her person is
most of all. She is very intelligent but Shar-Pei and puppy minded she
doesn't like to stop exploring when you call her name. A fence or hidden
fence would be needed for her safety. Sugar does great in the car. She
rode home from the shelter across the tight curving and hilly back roads
without any hint of car sickness or distress. She settles quietly for a
ride either long or short..

Sugar sounds almost too good to be true. Why would anyone drop this
sweetheart at a shelter? Her owner did do a very good job raising her. She
is socialized and knows how to be a dog around any variety of dog. She is
leash broken but has no obedience training. Sugar is trustworthy when left
home alone and uncrated. Please help Sugar find her vey own special forever
home !