Tootsie Roll


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Shar-pei type
Horsecoat, Female, Oklahoma
@ 1.5 Years
Good with Dogs
Hi! My name is Tootsie Roll and I was a stray in El Paso until NASPR came to my rescue. My doggie doc says I’m in very good health, heart worm negative and no entropian. Doggie doc also thinks I’m somewhere between 12 and 18 months old. It must be true because I feel just like a happy-go-lucky little puppy girl. I’m very friendly and get along great with the other four dogs in my foster family. (I can even get that mean old diva Chloe to play with me!) I love my human family. Mommy even lets me sleep in bed with her. I only weigh 33 pounds, and I’m a little thin from life on the street, but I have a good appetite and I’ll eat just about anything. I have lots of energy and love to run around and play with my doggie family. I’m also housebroken and very good about doing my business outside. I don’t chew on furniture, shoes or other household items. I don’t bark much or dig in the back yard, and I’m so happy with my foster family that I don’t even think about escaping from the yard. If I have any faults it’s that I can’t hold my licker. I just love to give lots of doggie kisses! Do you like getting doggie kisses? If you do, won’t you take me home with you?