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Shar-pei type
Horsecoat, Male, Texas
@ 3 years
Good with Dogs
Alfie is a little gem in the rough. He was found by a Pei-loving family on a street far from any neighborhood, fending for himself. When Alfie came into NASPR's care, he was almost completely hairless from his mid-back to the feet on his back legs. Not a pretty sight, and I’m sure most people would think he had the mange. As it turned out, Alfie had a bacterial infection/yeast infection which has since been treated. He will sit by your side and let you pet him for hours. He loves it so much. Thankfully he was heart worm negative! So after two rounds of antibiotics and no-grain salmon food, his hair is coming back. With his foster moms love and care, he is becoming such a great house pet now! The other dogs in his foster home love him and all three play all day. It took about 3 weeks for Alfie to begin playing with toys and the other dogs. I imagine he used to spend his days trying to find food before he was rescued, as he was very skinny when he came into NASPR.

What I know about Alfie (from Alfie's foster mom):

1. He gets along well with all dogs. I have never seen him start a fight or bite another dog.
2. He loves his owner/food giver/caregiver. He follows me anytime I move one inch. He likes to be right by my side at all times and never slacks off from this “duty”.
3. He is possessive when it comes to special treats. He will try to get the other dogs treats and will growl and sound ominous. Otherwise, Alfie eats out of the same 2 dog food bowls as my own dogs. No fighting at all.
4. He has an alpha personality.
5. He loves to sleep in his bed on the floor next to my bed. And he loves a routine, to be told we’re going to bed…then he runs and gets in his bed. So cute.
6. When he doesn’t like something he growls. He has never tried to bite me at all, but he sounds scary and other people could be afraid of him if they hear him. I just ignore him and do whatever I want with him. He used to growl even when I put his harness on him to go for a walk, and he loves walks! He IS IMPROVING on the growling. He will need an understanding person who isn’t going to freak out when he does his growl talk. To me it is his way of letting you know not to hurt him. So I have been very gentle in everything I do with him.
7. He loves food of any kind so it is very easy to give him medications.
8. He is a great watchdog. He barks a little more than my other two, but its usually for a very good reason. He is on Pei Patrol keeping an eye on things constantly.
9. He is easily affected by change. I went into the hospital for only 2 days. The dogs stayed home with my daughter. Alfie started marking behavior in the house. When I got home and things settled down, he stopped marking again.
10. He will get into a trash can if its available to him. Remember he used to live on the street so he knows how to flip a can in 2 seconds! Lol
11. Alfie is very lovable. His eyes will melt your heart a