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Shar-pei type
Brushcoat, Female, Texas
1 year
Good with Dogs
Cinder is a young female Shar-Pei, @ 7 to 9 months of age. Cinder desperately needs a calm and patient home to teach her the world is not such a scary place when you have a family that loves you. We received a call one evening from a gentleman who said he had answered a Craigslist ad about a Shar-Pei being “rehomed for a small fee”. He called the owner who had placed the ad and he quickly told him he would bring the young Shar-Pei to his place of business so he could take her home to his waiting family that evening. When the owner arrived with her, she was terrified but he left her with the strange man and ran. He took her home and when he let her in the backyard, she ran to a corner and bellied to the ground. He couldn’t get her in and was unsure of how to handle her so he took a soft bed, food and water out to her in the corner of the yard. It was then that the thundering rainstorms came and he called the original owner for help but he wouldn’t come. He found NASPR on the internet and called for help. One of our wonderful volunteers went over in the rain, went in the yard and picked up the little girl and carried her to her car. She was so afraid but never even the slightest sign of aggression. She was given a few days to rest and since then has been learning that people are good and she is safe. She really responds well to other dogs and once she feels safe will play and play. Her “Craigslist” owner had never socialized her or taught her about the world outside her backyard breeders but she did find comfort with the other dogs. She now comes to her foster mom and leans against her for petting and is such a good girl but we know the transition to a new home will be somewhat unsettling and take her some time to relax and show you what a great little dog she is. Please, if you have the heart to help a sweet young pup who truly just needs a little confidence building and a lot of love ask for Cinder. She will reward you tenfold with the love and devotion that only a rescue dog ca