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Shar-pei type
Brushcoat, Female, Louisiana
8 Years Old
Good With Kids
Gracie "The Dowager Empress" Gracie has been here with us for some time, and she assumes that this IS her home, but she truly deserves to have a family of her own that would appreciate her great sense of humor and sweet temperament. Gracie says that she'd be very happy to keep an eye on your home and family, in exchange for a nice warm dog bed and a few dog bones now and again. A brisk walk occasionally would be good for her, but otherwise she's a very contented dog. When needed, she can be a very convincing guard dog as well. Like most shar-pei, she spends a great amount of time working on her beauty sleep, however... when she's INSPIRED she can do the amazing butt...tuck... scoot... and whirl... then land smack dab in your lap... she's pretty proud of that move, and it always brings tears of laughter to my eyes. She's a one of a kind girl! Gracie, being a... DIVA, would not agree to share her life with another dog!