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Shar-pei type
Brushcoat, Male, Texas
@ 9 mths
Good With Kids
Good with Dogs
Hank was owner surrendered to animal control by his owner and a volunteer for the shelter fell in love with this sweet boy and networked far and wide to ensure he was safe. It's hard to understand how anyone could be moving and not take Hank with them. He is a big boy but the owner said he was under a year of age. He is very puppy like but very well behaved and gentle.

Hank here, yep I am a pup. I know when people hear the word “puppy” they cringe, but don’t worry! I am house trained and I don’t chew on anything but my toys and food. I do well on lead but I would rather not be confined; what is that song, "oh give me land, lots of land", I hum it as I trot and sniff about see I have problems with crates but I do fine without one.

I love tearing around, dashing here, dashing there and stirring things up. I am a little rascal, a rough and tumble kind of guy. If I had a baseball cap, I would wear it backwards; I'm the jock of peis. Agility Training keeps coming to mind because it is hard to tire me out. You could try with long walks or I could jog alongside you; we could do marathons together. Because I am a puppy I have a lot of energy to burn.

I do need someone who will teach me how to be a grown up regal pei. I need someone to help me channel my energy into constructive outlets, would you have the patience to train me? I would learn quickly once I had burned off some of my energy. I would settle down and pay attention.

I get along great with kids and dogs I am not sure if I know what a cat is.