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Shar-pei type
Horsecoat, Female, New York
4 Years
Good with Dogs
Honey come into foster with NASPR with the help of an all breed rescue transport coordinator in western NY for dogs and puppies being dumped by Amish puppy mills in Ohio. The dogs they find rescue help and transport for are bred and no longer wanted so if a rescue does take them they are killed there on the property. Sweet Honey was on their dumped dog list and they reached out to NASPR for help in saving her.

Honey is approximately 4 years old, spayed, heart worm negative and in good health. The vet who saw when she was picked up from the puppy mill noted she had entropion and we had him do the needed surgery to correct her eyes. He also did a good dental on her since she had not ever had the chew toys and treats that most pets have to help keep their teeth healthy.

Honey is understandably shy since she has had very little personal contact but she is so gentle and you can just see the want to trust in her beautiful eyes.

Honey needs to know the love of a family and is anxious to learn what it is to be loved. Please consider being that special one for Honey.

UPDATE: Honey is really blossoming in her foster home. She is doing so great and really loves to be with other dogs. Someone will be very lucky to have her.