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Shar-pei type
Brushcoat, Male, Texas
@ 2 yrs
Good With Kids
Kerstman came to NASPR just days before Christmas Eve…he was a grumpy, dirty, balding, (seemingly senior) wrinkly mess in animal control care. I could tell in his sweet eyes that he wanted to love someone, but he just didn’t feel well. It was a cold rainy day and upon arrival to NASPR shelter & we discovered that he might have mange, not wanting to expose our other residents, Kerstman came to live with his foster family until we could have him medically evaluated. After many good bowls of “grub” and several baths and lots of kisses and hugs, we have discovered Kerstman is in fact a very young (approx 1-2 yr old) apricot with white beard, tummy and socks. He is a super wrinkly loving pup!! He has discovered toys, he loves the ones that squeak, his Nylabone, shoes, socks and playmates. I’m not sure this sweet loving little man has ever lived in a home, but he is such a love bug and he has really settled into the home life, and he will VERY willingly be a lap dog if you let him. He is still working on commands such as sit, and he does quite well on a lead considering I don’t think he ever had a collar before now. He loves walks, and will love you for any attention you will spare him. Wondering what Kerstman means…well it’s Dutch for Father Christmas or Santa Claus. It fits him I think!