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Shar-pei type
Horsecoat, Female, Texas
@ 5 yrs
Good with Cats
Good with Dogs
When the call went out that an injured Shar-Pei in a southern Louisiana shelter was in urgent need of rescue NASPR went out on a leap of faith and brought Truffles into their care. It was soon evident from her injuries that Truffles had been used as a bait dog and had suffered extensive damage to her front leg and and numerous bite wounds and cuts. She was at serious risk of becoming septic from infection and has been under 24 hour vet care receiving treatment for dehydration, IV antibiotics, hydrotherapy wound care and pain management. In spite of all the terror she has endured, her tail just wags in thanks and she truly seems to understand she is in caring hands. As long as she is fighting for her life and not suffering to fight on, we can't give up on this girl and hope to give her every possible chance at recovery and the life she deserves.

Please help us by making a donation towards Truffle's medical expenses and check back here and on our blog for updates on her care.

3/20/13 - Truffles wounds are healing well and it will soon be time to make some decisions on surgery for her shattered elbow. She still has several hurdles but we are thrilled with the progress she is making. Thank you all for your donations towards her medical needs. We can't thank you enough for your continued support. As we reach a critical point in her care, you will never know what this means to us and what a difference it makes for Truffles.

5/15/13 UPDATE: Truffles is at Texas A&M University where she will undergo surgery to reattach her elbow that was dislocated when the ligaments holding it in place were ripped through in the attack. Keep the prayers coming for her continued healing.

6/25/13 UPDATE: Truffles surgery was a success! She is ready for her forever home!!!! Please get your application in soon for this beautiful girl.

7/14/13 UPDATE: Truffles is looking for her forever home! Because of the trauma she endured, Truffles needs to be the only dog. She is extremely loving and gentle to humans but becomes very defensive with other animals. She is playful and a busy, busy girl! She will make you smile, laugh out loud and is a constant reminder of the unconditional love and forgiveness of man's best friend.

8/6/13 UPDATE: Truffles is once again not fully weight bearing on her leg and is in need of additional diagnostics and care. Because she is unable to be in a home with other dogs, Truffles has been in boarding while we continue to search for a foster or forever home but is not the ideal situation. Specialized boarding is available where she will be kept in a home like environment but we are unable to do that without your help. She will be going for additional diagnostics to see what our medical options are for her and we will update as soon as a treatment plan is in place. We have been so touched by your outpouring of kindness and generosity but ongoing support is needed to give her the care she needs and deserves.