Mission Statement


The North American Shar-Pei Rescue organization was established to assist and augment the rescue efforts of the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America Inc., as well as our Canadian neighbors to the North.
Our sole purpose is to provide services to any and all approved purebred Chinese Shar-Pei Rescue groups in the United States and Canada. To this end we are providing a web domain which will be open to all rescue organizations as a way to network and advertise dogs they have for adoption. Some of the other services provided are:
• Providing counseling services to owners inquiring about re-homing their dogs.
• Temperament assessments of dogs for potential entry into rescue programs.
• Home checks and applicant screening.
• Follow up on rescue placements.
• Screening of applicants for Owner Surrender dogs that meet certain criteria.
• Assisting with coordination of transportation for rescue dogs.
While some services are limited at this time we anticipate being able to expand them with the adding of more volunteers.
Our organization consists of experienced Shar-Pei owners, exhibitors and breeders who are located throughout the U.S. and Canada.
While NASPR has it’s own rescue program with it’s own policies and procedures we believe strongly that each organization is autonomous and should have it’s own structure and philosophy. As long as any rescue group adheres to the basic tenants of Rescue (defined as abandoned, abused, homeless or unwanted) they are free to utilize our web site and services. There is no charge for any assistance we provide.
NASPR is a non-profit Tennessee Corporation and also a  Federal non profit Corporation . All our members are volunteers and no salaries or commissions are ever paid to our members. We operate solely on donations and sponsorships.
We firmly believe that by working together in a network system we can make a difference in achieving our common goals.
We hope you will find our web site informative and helpful to you whether you are in rescue, looking to adopt a rescue dog or just wanting to learn about the Chinese Shar-Pei.